What is PsMemo?

PsMemo is a replacement of the MemoPad application which comes with Palm devices.

In addition to the features of MemoPad, PsMemo has following features.

List view

  • Move edited or opened memo to the top of the list automatically.
  • Incremental full-text search.
  • View private memos' title.
  • Customize background color.

Edit view

  • Search and replace string.
  • Be able to close a memo without saving.
  • Launch a web browser or a mailer, by tapping URL or mail-address.
  • Useful icons.


  • Support Sony virtual silk area and Palm dynamic input area.
  • Support 5-Way navigation.
  • Small font is available on the specific models.
  • Full compatibility with the Memo application.

This is a beta version. Please use it at your own risk.

System requirements

Palm OS version 3.5 or greater

Download & installation




Please install either of the following files included in the archive using HotSync etc.

  • PsMemo_jp.prc : Japanese version
  • PsMemo_en.prc : English version
  • PsMemo_fr.prc : French version

To use a wide screen with Tungsten T3

It is necessary to install the following two files to Tungsten T3. Please install two files at the same time.

  • AppSlipRotate.prc
  • StatusBarLib.prc

You can download them here.

T3_DIA_Compatibility_prcs.zip (37kB)

Alpha version

It is latest bild of PsMemo.

Files : Category = Nightly