On wide screen (320x480)

  • The size of the virtual silk screen is stored for each view.
  • Please change the size by the resize-icon.

For wide screen (DIA) since Palm Tungsten T3

  • The size of a dynamic input area is not stored. The size is according to the last application.
  • Please change the size by the resize-icon.

For model in which Memos is installed

  • The memo up to 32KB can be treated.
  • If it is not possible to treat up to 32KB, please launch "Memos" once. Then the database "MemosDB-PMem" is created, and it comes to be able to treat up to 32KB.

For 5-Way navigation

  • Setup the 5-Way navigation by the item "Navi action" of [ Menu ]-[ Options ] -[ Preferences... ].
    • Standard : Almost the same as current models of Palm,Inc.
    • PsMemo : Almost the same as Tungsten T.

It is possible to setup it for each of the list view and edit view.


Download site of "MemoURL".

AMsoft space

Cooperation with PsDB

The CSV data of the memo can be displayed, and be preserved with PsDB.


  • Install PsDB
  • Open the memo (CSV formatted) with PsMemo.
  • Select [ Menu ] - [ Options ] - [ Send to PsDB ].

Related information

  • Method of displaying images put in the Memory Stick with NetFront of CLIE.
    1. Select [ Menu ] - [ Options ] - [ Link Preferences...].
    2. Select "NetFront" as the "URL:" application.
    3. Enter "file:///" as a link tag.
    4. Write the file name of the image to a memo. (e.g. "file:///MSFILE/palm/images/sample.jpg")
    5. Tap the file name, then the image is displayed with NetFront.