List Vew

Basic operation

Basic operation is the same as the standard memo application.


  • Incremental search by entering text.
  • By tapping "x" on the right of the search field, the search string can be deleted.
  • By tapping Search-icon , toggle the search field shown and hidden.
  • Tap and hold the search-icon, pop-up the search method selector.
    • Whole memo : Search full-text
    • Title only : Search only the title
    • Front coincidence : Search from beginning of memo
  • If the search field is not shown, a new memo is created when the character is entered. This is the same as the standard memo application.


Tapping the arrow on the upper-center of the screen, memos in the category is sorted by alphabetic order.

Edit View

Basic operation

Basic operation is the same as the standard memo application.


The icons on the screen sequentially achieves the following functions from the left.

Icon Action
Done Close the memo and return to the list view.
Details Change the category and the private setting.
Search Toggle the search field.
Date Insert the current date to the memo.
Time Insert the current time to the memo.
Cut Cut the selected text.
Copy Copy the selected text.
Paste Paste the text that is cut or copied.
Undo It returns to the previous operation.

Search and Replace text

Toggle the search field by tapping search-icon.

Search Replace
Find:________ Enter the search string Enter the search string
Rep.:________ Do not enter Enter the replace string
↑(Up) button Highlight is moved to the next candidate.
↓(Down) button Highlight is moved to the previous candidate.
Aa (checkbox) Case sensitive search.
[Rep.] button - Replace the highlighted string.
[All] button - Replace all string that correspond in the memo.
  • If the text was selected before the search field is shown, the text is automatically inserted to the search field.
  • If no text is selected, the string searched last time is inserted.

Clickable link

Tap URL or mail address, launch the application selected on "Link Preferences".