What is WeekDA?

WeekDA is DA(Desk Accessory) to input the week number.

  • The week number means a number in which specific date is week of the year.
  • It can be used in the editable field.
  • When starting with no text selected, the dialog to select the date is displayed, and the week number of the date selected there is inserted into the cursor position.
  • When starting after the text that shows the date is selected, the date is replaced with the week number.

* The weekly number follows ISO-8601.

System requirements

PalmOS 2.0 or later

Download & installation




Please install WeekDA.prc included in the archive to Palm by HotSync etc.


Start WeekDA by DA Launcher or the launcher which has the feature of launching DAs.

Launch with no text selected

Selecting the date from dialog, the week number is inserted into the cursor position.

No text is selected

↓ Launch WeekDA.

Dialog is opened

↓ When the date is selected, the week number is inserted.

Week number is inserted

Launch with date selected

The date is replaced with the week number.

Date is selected

↓ Launch WeekDA.

Replace with the week number


  • The format of the week number is "Year + 'w' + Week number". For example, January 1, 2004 is converted to "04w01".
  • The start day of the week (Sunday or Monday) follows the system preferences.


  • This software is free software.
  • The author doesn't assume the responsibility to the result and any generated situation by having used or not having used this software. Moreover, it assumes neither the obligation all nor the responsibility concerning the support.
  • It would be greatly appreciated when it is possible to report regardless of beforehand and after the fact when it introduces this software.
  • Please feel free to send for comments or opinions and the bug report.
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Ver.0.3 2004/12/27

  • Fix a bug; wrong week number. (ex 2005/1/2 : 05w53 -> 04w53)

Ver.0.2 2004/12/15

  • Fix a bug; wrong week number. (ex 2005/1/1 : 05w01 -> 04w53)
  • Representation of the week number was changed to two-digit. (ex 1->01, 2->02,...,9->09)

Ver.0.1 2004/6/15

  • New release