Ver. 0.8.3 2007/11/28

  • Fix a bug; bookmark link did not work on ShadowPlan.
  • Enable to check and delete the installed plug-ins from menu.
  • Bundle a plug-in for TexT.

Ver. 0.8.2 2005/8/19

  • Fix a bug; on devices except of other than Palm,Inc. the link to the schedule does not work.

Ver. 0.8.1 2005/8/8

  • Fix a bug; on some devices of Palm,Inc. the link might not work in the application which uses the new PIM database such as AgendusPro.

Ver. 0.8 2005/4/4

  • Add an option that WikiName can be used to link to memos.
  • Add an option to enable the link to completed ToDo items.
  • Forward Button can be set.
  • The link from Calendar to Calendar from Contacts to Contacts of PalmOne is enabled.
  • Fix a bug that the bookmark link in memos don't work.
  • Change the option form.

Ver. 0.7.1 2005/3/1

  • Fix a bug that button cannot be operated with Treo650.
  • Fix a bug that the device cannot be started after soft-reset with checking in "Auto enable after reset".

Ver. 0.7 2005/2/26

  • Modify to jump to the date by tapping the date string, even if there is no schedule on the date.
  • Modify to set the back button.
  • Fix a bug that cannot be linked from Tasks to other Tasks items.
  • Fix a bug that it makes an error when there is no text after bookmark link character.
  • Correspond to ThoughtManager.

Ver. 0.6 2004/12/20

  • Enable linking in the same memo.
  • Add the feature of DB link and DB prefix to "More Link".
  • Correspond to CLIE Memo, Polar, and Akiba-map.
  • Fix a bug that tapping a text field makes an error on some applications (Jotter and PenP, etc.).
  • Fix a bug with POP!.
  • Fix Memory Leake.

Ver. 0.5 2004/6/21

  • Correspond to Memos (MemosDB-PMem) of PalmOne.
  • Fix a bug that Up button and Down button don't work when PsLink is turned on.
  • Add the feature of the bookmark link to the Memo link.
  • Modify to be able to set the character for the database link and the bookmark link.

Ver. 0.4 2004/3/7

  • Correspond to the application using two or more data bases.
  • Add the feature of the database link.
  • Fix a bug that might not move even when tapping, if the normal-width hiragana or the normal-width katakana is included in the link text.
  • Modify that the application set in [More] screen can use plug-in.

Ver. 0.3 2004/2/22

  • Modify to jump to Memo and ToDo only when the text is completely corresponding.
  • Modify to use plug-ins when linking to URL and Mail.
  • Corresponds to the standard Mail.
  • Fix a bug that cannot be linked to the addressbook by the full name.
  • Fix a bug of the misidentification knowledge of tag.
  • Fix a bug that the identification of the link text.

Ver. 0.2 2004/2/15

  • Fix a bug that it makes an error when jump to the address on some models.
  • Fix a bug that tapping a screen in some applications makes an error.
  • The jump to ToDo was enabled.
  • It is enabled that it is a setting of the jump to some more applications.
  • Some jumps are faster than before.
  • It corresponds to iambic Mail

Ver. 0.1 2004/1/31

  • New beta release.