Dec 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

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I've been receiving some mails from outside of Japan lately. They are thank-you mails, bug reports, suggestions of new function, etc. I want to thank for writing their mails in English even if their native is not English. So I have rplied in clumsy English.

It's blows me away to think that my web site and my computer is connected with the palm user overseas and my softwares are running on the palm in the world. Internet is great and it's a small world!

迷惑メールのことではありません(+_+)\バキッ! ホント、感謝してます。でも、英語のメールは日本語の100倍時間が掛かる、または100倍内容が乏しいのは、勘弁して下さい^^;



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